I'm gearing up for my year-end challenge from December 1-21, 2015. Let's connect if you want in to the private Facebook group that provides support, motivation, tips, recipes and so much more! The goal is to finish the year stronger than when I started. I mean, I already am because I've been doing PiYo for the past 60 days, but there's a chance to win some cash-ola from Beachboy for powering trough the holiday season strong... so that's an extra little motivator. 

     Did you know that most people gain 10-15 pounds each year between October and December? Yikes! That's a lot. I've been there though...that's how I ended up 60 pounds overweight. A few years of weight gain and not sticking to the resolution of 'getting back into shape'. Jeez- I used to be a personal trainer and I'm lucky enough to be able to be home with my daughter ALL DAY so I had zero excuse as to why I let myself go far far down an unhealthy path. Let's face it though, all excuses suck! Even if you're tired and busy--you can make 30 minutes a day for yourself. You deserve it, and you'll be better for it. Trust the process.

     Anyway, I digress. The point of this post was originally intended to be about how much harder I feel myself pushing during my workouts. I feel my improved strength, flexibility, range of motion, and posture. Ahhhh- it feels so good! I have started wearing headbands because sweat is literally beginning to pour off me during my workouts. Yessss! I took my dog for a quick little walk up to the mailbox to cool off in the lovely fall weather after my mid-day hardcore ab routine and found an awesome recognition letter and bracelet for making Emerald status as a coach. All this means is that I've helped 2 other people start on their own wellness journey.

     How awesome!!! What a nice little boost to be recognized. Not to mention the appreciation I get from my team everyday. It's really cool to be able to win great prizes like apparel for completing each program, and outstanding cash prizes that are awarded from weekly to quarterly, and get all kinds of cute gifts of recognition along the way. I read somewhere once that an appreciated person will do more than is expected of them. I kinda dig that idea and made it somewhat of a motto for me. It reminds me to outwardly show gratitude regularly. I'm thankful to be able to challenge myself and succeed my own expectations!