Is this a serious complaint?!!? Well, YES--yes it is. The legitimate struggle of finding adequate bras is enough to make us voluptuous ladies scream, but it pales in comparison to having to find a sports bra. If you're a natural D or bigger, I already know- you understand. Don't get me wrong, I love my body..all of it, but are they serious with these flimsy things? Where's the support? They do know that sports bras are made for rigorous activity ..don't they?!!? Hmmm. It's almost as if they want you to HAVE TO buy more than one. We've all been there- we layer. So ok, you throw on 2..maybe 3 and (oh my goodness- this is embarrassing) even further 4. Then you're left with the all too familiar uni-boob and the support is still lacking. 

     I can't tell you how many times I've had to modify my exercise movement to accommodate the fact I have to grab and support my chest. My husband always jokes that he'll hold them for me. LOL- men. I can only be grateful that after all these years he still wants to cop a feel I guess. Although, at the crack of dawn when I'm sweaty and half annoyed that I can't incorporate arm movement due to boob issues- he rarely gets the green light. I said rarely ;) We both get a good little laugh out of it though..because it's really all you can do.

     This is not a doom and gloom post though...THERE'S ALWAYS HOPE! After much trial and error, I've found an absolutely amazing sports bra. It's a Champion sports bra and I cannot say enough about it. The straps are wide and have these gel pockets to they don't dig into your shoulders, the back is hook closure, the band is smooth, the cups provide shape, and it's double dry material to help keep you cool and dry. It's so comfortable and most importantly so supportive.

     They have 3 levels of support: medium, high, and max. I wear a 36/38 DDD and got the high support (I didn't know max existed at the time). It works amazing! I can do jumping jacks and run without pain or the worry of giving myself a black eye. Haha. <-- it's funny because it's true. Honestly, the fantastic support this sports bra provides is beyond what I thought possible. When there's a will there's a way...and I knew if I was going to be committed to my healthy lifestyle that a support system would be invaluable. Get it?!!? system. Lol. Good news is, they're reasonably priced and as far as I'm concerned this thing is worth its weight in gold. No joke.

Notice the shape hasn't morphed into the hated uni-boob. Yay! :) 

**This is only my opinion and I'm not compensated by Champion.**