My skin and hair are oily

     I have never had the greatest skin. I have always had acne (I'm 32) and issues with my skin such as stretch marks and other things. So I pretty much knew when I started the Ultimate Reset, that my skin would probably get worse before it got better. One of my main goals and outcomes I want from this reset, other than becoming fully vegan, is to have clearer skin.

Ahhh- the dream!

     So here I am, on my 5th day and so far everything has been really great. I haven't had any major headaches or fatigue from sugar and caffeine detox which is awesome. I am, however, starting to notice that I'm breaking out A LOT! I am about a week away from my 'lady time' of the month and that does tend to cause a breakout anyway, but I can tell how much more oily my face is than usual. I mean, I have less than ideal skin, but oily has never been the main concern. I have been feeling like I need to blot the oil of my face for the past few days already. So I have been. lol. Sure enough though, my whole face is broken out. They're pretty big and kind of painful pimples too.

     Ugh!!! I expected this, so I definitely don't want to complain or dwell on the fact that I look like a teenage with raging hormones. I tease. Seriously I am just trusting the process and allowing my body to release the toxins in whichever way is best. I keep telling myself that I will have a clear complexion after this-- so we'll see how it works out. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks for taking your time to read this. If you want more... check out the video I made on my Facebook page. Oh, it's on my YouTube channel as well. Click on the icons at the bottom of any page on my site to connect with my other social media outlets.