Results are in (well they've been in for a while now)

     I am the worst at posting on schedule. The problem is that, I honestly don't have a 'set schedule', and clearly winging it isn't working out that great. I apologize for the delay on my post. If anyone even cares. lol. I do this for fun, so I don't even expect anyone to read this. On the off chance there is anyone looking for some results, here are mine:

     So, there ya have it. I lost 15.5 pounds and 7.5 inches. I am so thrilled with my results. A lot of time people use the Ultimate Reset as a way to...well, reset the body. Duh ;) My point is, that most people don't do it as a lifestyle change. Everyone gets amazing results in weight, inches, and over health. So many people lower their cholesterol and blood pressure significantly as well.
Despite having such good results, many people will end up gaining some of the weight back. This happens as a result of your eating habits afterward. If you go on vacation the very next day after finishing and over indulge for a week you will feel accordingly vs. someone who gradually reintroduces grains, dairy and eventually meat. There are some people, like myself, who have chosen to stay vegan and actually make it a lifestyle.

     I have wanted to be vegan for many years and used this as a platform. I love my results and thing their transformative. My lifestyle is what has completely changed. I've continued to drink mineralized water and keep up a variety of other habits as well. Including dry brushing. If you've never heard of it- check out the previous post I made about how to do it and the incredible benefits.

     Since I've changed my lifestyle I've only gained back 1.5 pounds and it's all muscle. I feel fantastic and highly recommend this to everyone. We all suffer from toxins in the environment in our diet and even our levels of stress. The reset is a way to renew your body and replenish it to its most pure and natural state. Even if you have no intention of living a vegan lifestyle or enjoying a plant based diet on a regular basis-- I still can't say enough about how much this program is for EVERYONE! We all deserve to remember what it feels like to have a healthy and perfectly alkaline body. I plan on doing this every a bodily spring cleaning :)

     Ask me anything. If you want results like these...and possibly even better, I can help ya get 'em. My husband was so impressed with how well I did and the results I had that he decided to do it as well. I asked him to do it with me but he was reluctant. Once he saw me do it and how fast the 21 days passes and the phenomenal results and improved mood that I'm always in now-- he said why not?!!? And he's on day #5 now and he's rockin' it out! He jumped on the scale after 3 days and had already lost 6 pounds. WoW!!!!

     I started with Beachbody last September (2015) and I never would have dreamed that it would have brought as much wonderful opportunity and amazing people into my life, I wake up everyday thankful to have my passion for life reignited. So far I've lost a total of 65 pounds. If you'd like to join my team and have your own me. I'm here! And feel free to find me on social media as well.

     Thanks for reading-- for anyone who is...or might ;)