I honor of #TransformationTuesday, I've decided to share my progress so far. Just about 60 days ago I began my health and fitness journey. After having my daughter, I found myself 50-60 pounds over weight. <- Keeping' it real I've never owned a scale. Ever. At my most fit I had muscles and weighed more than I would have ever thought my 'goal weight' would've been. I have never been one to obsess over pounds lost or numbers on the scale..it's most important how I feel and then how I look. When I gain or lose weight- it is in my belly and my face. Always. Now, every body type is different of course...but, I can see results relatively quick. I mean, I see my face in the mirror every morning. lol. Anyway, here I am now (2 months ago).. bigger than when I gave birth. Yikes! I was getting to the point that I was feeling very uncomfortable and I knew I needed to change.

     I used to be very physically fit, but I took little time to educate myself on things I'm passionate or curious about. During my pregnancy and after the birth of my daughter I began my educational and spiritual journey. I re-discovered my passion for knowledge and researched any and every thing I could think of. I started meditating and began to understand deeper aspects of humanity and what I feel my true purpose in life is. I have always felt like there is something in me that can make a difference to others...a way of thinking or perspective, an idea...something. I'm passionate about people collaborating and creating rather than competing and destroying.

     I had heard of BeachBody before- I did the original Power90 a decade ago, before the business opportunity was even created so the longevity of the company alone speaks volumes..but I had never heard of the coaching part or the health benefits of Shakeology until 70 days ago when my husbands very close friend reached out to me and told me all of the ways it would benefit my husband (and myself). Admittedly, I thought it was protein powder and wasn't interested. I've never like protein powder. It is so so so much more than that. Look out for a future post in the 'body' section of my blog will detail the ingredients as well as go into detail as to why they're good for you and whether do for your body.

     I listened to him speak passionately about why it is so healthy, and being a lover of fresh ingredients and organic everything...I decided to do one of my favorite things. Research. Haha. #NerdLife for real. I looked up everything I could find including the BBB rating and reviews of BeachBody as a company. Is it a pyramid scam?..lol- definitely not, but it's a legit concern so keep a look out for a video I'll be posting on exactly why this opportunity is far from a scam.

     In the 2 months I've been a coach, my husband I have both seen a difference in our physical appearance. More than that...within 3 days of starting Shakeology I craved less coffee and he began to eat vegetables. To accurately express the shock of his eating vegetables in words in beyond my capability. In the 7 years we've been together...I can honestly say that toddlers put up less of a hassle to eat veggies and fruit. Fruit?.. for goodness sake?! Yup- he was serious. Our regular habits include a salad with dinner every night. Dark greens and raw spinach leaves + carrots + cucumbers + apples + flaxseed. Sometimes a bit more like sunflower seeds and raisins or croutons, beets, garbanzo beans. To list those things as items my husband has eaten is still mind blowing and I'm not fully used to it yet. My delight is enormous and I'm so excited to see this lifestyle progress and his palette become even more eclectic. 

     I am going way outside my comfort zone here and I'm going to post myself in a sports bra below. The first pic is my before..taken 9-6-15 and the second is my current (well taken around my 45 day marker)...taken 10-21-15. So...without any drum roll or crazy hype...here I am.

Look at that face...and that belly. Oh my! It's time for a change. I'm ready to feel better (and look better too). Decide--Commit--Succeed. 

Oh, hello facial features starting to show and belly starting to flatten. Most importantly, I feel amazing. This was a few days after my 32nd birthday.

I used to teach, learn, train and hustle separately. Now I do ALL AT ONCE as a coach! For more information about joining my team Motivational Mindset, contact me and I'd be happy for us to be apart of each others journey.