This transformation takes place between Nov. 30 - Dec. 21, 2015...and it's my second one. I started out doing PiYo and loved it, but I really wanted to get more focused on my nutrition. Once I finished PiYo, I started the 21 day fix and it is my soulmate workout program. LOL..yeah, I mean it ;) The combination of weights and abs, pilates, and yoga too just keep your body guessing. The best part is that the workouts are 30 minutes and the meal plan is comprehensive.

     I love being able to work from home. It gives me this amazing freedom of contributing to the house while being home and homeschooling my daughter. We've all joked about celebrities having excellent bodies because it's part of their job to look good. Well, what if I told you that exercising, eating right, motivating others, and sharing your passion could be your job? I KNOW RIGHT?!! Dream job over here...seriously. Beachboy has changed my life and the lives of my friends and family. Why not you?

     Ask me anything. I'd be honored to help you reach you health and fitness goals and/or help you work from home. If I were to to sum up into words the feeling that being a coach has done for me it would be GRATITUDE. I'm genuinely thankful for the opportunity to live healthier and happier, be a positive influence, spend each day with my daughter- never missing a moment, and to be able to pay it forward.