What is self-sabotaging ...and do you do it? Here are some questions to ask yourself and if you answer yes the majority of the time- then you're likely getting in your own way as far as success is concerned. Successful is an individual thing, so whatever it means to you is irrelevant. The picture you create in your minds eye when you think of being a successful person is completely possible if you stop sabotaging yourself.

  • Do you procrastinate and put things off constantly?
  • Do you miss deadlines?
  • Do you hold back a bit instead of fully engaging in your life?
  • Do you fail to complete tasks and/or projects?
  • Do you try to get by with the least amount of effort possible?
  • Do you quit things just as you begin to succeed?
  • Do you feel stuck in a situation you thought would have been temporary?
  • Do you blame others or 'bad luck' when you don't succeed at something?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable or restless inside when you think about what you're making of your life and doing with your time?

     Most of us are guilty of doing any number of these things, but the first step in change is becoming aware there's a need to do so. There are simple steps each of us can take toward becoming more successful in our own lives.

  • Making time to take care of yourself is essential. Your whole self...mind-body-spirit.
  • Exercising 30 minutes each and every day isn't asking too much. Make the time... be healthy, feel confident, and release those feel- good endorphins :)
  • Reading personal development books like John C. Maxwell (he's one of my favs) is something most people don't put much value in, but when I tell you it's a game changer-- I MEAN IT. At least 10 minutes of reading a book that inspires you to learn from other great leaders in this world is a privilege. In the age of information...ignorance is a choice.
  • Being grateful for what you have is another thing that can easily be taken for granted, but the more you take time to acknowledge and appreciate what you have, where you've been and how far you've come is an important part of self love. Meditate or just take at least 10 minutes to be in a state of gratitude and love.
  • Imagine the life you want to live as vividly as possible. Take time to really think of every detail. Feel the excitement of completing your achievement, smell the foods of the party thrown in your honor, tap into the joy of being able to pay this way of thinking or this lifestyle forward.
  • Now...set small goals that will get you to those big ass dreams and CRUSH THEM!!!

I am here to get to know anyone who wants to come along on this... health, fitness, wellness, business, be a better person, let's travel more... adventure. Ask me anything about what it's like to be a coach and let's be friends. ( or click the contact tab. lol) I love connecting with beautiful souls looking to grow and expand.