I absolutely love TED talks. I use them as a vast source of personal development. Now, we all know I'm an avid reader. I adore books, but there is definitely something to be said for being able to watch someone speak on a subject they're passionate about! I tear up or outright cry when watching these videos because they resonate with me so hard that I can't help but automatically connect. I seriously spend countless hours watching videos on such a wide variety of subjects. There's something to learn from others experiences and they add value in different ways...I can't say enough about how they expand my point-of-view. Here is a list I particularly enjoyed (and I'm not the only one). These are the most watched TED videos on doing work your passionate about and things of the like. Let me know if you like them. I have some will too ;) What are your favorite Ted topics? Physics anyone?? I truly embrace the nerd in me, match, ancient texts-- LOVE!!!