Bad day, bad attitude?

     Bad days are inevitable, as we all know. They way in which you deal with those bad days is what determines your character. It's easy to fall into the trap of being in a bad mood the whole day as soon as the first thing goes wrong in the morning, but why is that?!!? Why does one little thing send us into a fit one day and rolls off our back the next?

     When something isn't going as we'd hoped - we have a decision to make. Focus on the problem or focus on the solution. That split second decision determines your attitude. So where most people think it is the situation that determines your attitude, in fact, it's your attitude that determines how the situation is perceived.

     I think a lot of times people think of things in terms of what 'happened' and I think it would serve us better to think of it as 'what is happening'. When we get wrapped up in something negative we often are laser focused on the problem. I try to think of the big picture at all times. There's no way to understand the entire scope of a situation because we're always seeing things through our own personal perspectives, but I make conscious efforts to think of things outside the box.

     I try not to judge too quickly in any situation because there's always something I don't know. I can't assume I know every detail or fact about something going on, and because of this- it lets me reflect on things without adding my own opinion. A lot of people miss the beauty and possibility of what is or could be happening when they're focused on complaining or harping on something too long.

     If we allow the day to control our attitudes, we're pretty much wasting time. You step out of bed and stub your what?! The next 15-18 hours such automatically? No. I think there's a better way. Mentally controlling your emotions is one sign of a adaptable mind. Complaining and blaming are only going to make you feel worse. Feeling better is a decision that isn't always easy...but it IS always possible.

     So what will you decide? Will you focus on the negative details that are often uncontrollable... or do you choose to look for beauty in the bigger picture? A positive attitude is defined as "The way you dedicate yourself to the way you think." Pretty awesome to actually see the definition. I'm a nerd ;).

     A lot of good days adds up to a great life in the end. Every day is equally important. Choose to see the beauty and make sure they count!