Mental health is a huge part of aging well. People of all ages can benefit from improved brain function as well. Staying mentally fit is key in your overall well being, so here are a few tips on keeping your brain active. 

     Let's start to with the easiest and most obvious tip, yet probably what most of us rarely do enough: GET OUTSIDE! Go somewhere like a park and don't bring your phone or music with you. Enjoy nature. It will relax and calm you. Next you can try an activity that connects you to your senses. Things like yoga and tai chi improve balance, fellability, and strength. In people over 50 it becomes a mental workout as well as a physical one because, as we age, our nerve sensitivity decreases. With these type of movements connected to your breath, you can keep yourself responsive as you age. Tossing any size ball back and forth between your hands while walking is another way to keep your brain fit. It is said to connect the two halves of your brain which promotes concentration and focus. This one might be a good one to do before a test, big meeting, or even a job interview.

     These three simple things might not seem like much, but isn't that great?!!? Such small things can improve your mental flexibility and strength. We often forget that relaxing and keeping basic mobility go and-in-hand with our quality of life as we get older.