I see far too often, that a people don't recognize their worth and make themselves a priority. Your mental, physical, and spiritual health is a process and each day is different. We face new people, place, and various situations. When you're not mentally strong enough to deal with the emotions created by any of these variables, you'll end up bottling up your emotions instead of communicating. We've all fallen into this trap. We tell ourselves it's easier to just tolerate the person or get past the situation without any conflict. What this actually does is limit our own self worth. Anything you have to say is valid and should be taken seriously.

     For example, I've seen people stay in pretty bad relationships. There can be trust, fidelity, financial, or communication issues--whatever they are. People will justify the worst behavior and say things like 'He hasn't called or text in days, but I know he's busy with work'. What?!!? NO. Everyone has a minute here or there to send at the very minimum- a text message. Now, as I said before...I've been there. Looking back I wonder why I let any person or situation take me so far from my true self. Hindsight is always 20/20 though ;)

     The point is that people will always prioritize their life. Everyone does it. Whether you are a stay at home parent or a top executive who works crazy hours. The most important things to us...will get our time. Period. Deep down we all know it. A person who wants to speak to you will call. They want to see you- they'll make plans to do so. Accepting that not everyone will treat you appropriately will allow you to surround yourself with only the most positive influences. Your vibe attracts your tribe, so putting energy into yourself will bring those to your life who are meant to be there.

     Another example are those memes that float around on social media that say things like 'in a world full of like Lucy...or Diana' or whoever. I get it...believe me I get the sentiment, but it's passive aggressive bullshit at its finest. Please understand that I am NOT A FAN OF REALITY at all. I have never seen a single episode of the Kardashians. No Jersey Shore, not real housewives, survivor, big brother, bachelor --not a single episode! It doesn't interest me in any way, and I'm legitimately baffled at how people call it entertaining, but hey- to each his own. Okay, now all that being said...I'm still offended by those stupid memes. How about in a world full of over 7 billion people we stop being so judgmental toward how others live their lives.

     Seriously. Think about it. You don't like the reality crap on TV- don't watch it. Don't judge others for doing it though. I personally watch tons of the Science Channel, NatGeo, HGTV, DIY, History....things like that. Most people would consider it boring, but once each his own. I have the capacity to love, respect, and deeply value other people with starkly different lifestyles and world views. I don't care about your age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political views in order to value your right to exist. In that existence think, feel, be, do, say whatever you want. Namaste' my loves. I highly recommend meditating to anyone looking to gain a heightened sense of awareness for the expansiveness of the universe. There are some good tips in the spirit section of my blog for those interested in the practice.