Memories can be all but forgotten until you smell something that brings you right back

     Have you ever had a moment where a scent triggers such a vivid memory or is linked to such an intense emotion. It happened to me recently and was quite unexpected. I mean, I was familiar with scents sparking memory because there have been various things that that I associate with smells. This can be both good and bad- depending on your perspective. I had a particularly rough pregnancy and suffered from extreme nausea the entire time, so those smell connections don't churn up positive memories. Ew- I said churn...because that's what my stomach does when I smell this certain air freshener that used to be in the bathroom where I was (constantly) vomiting. Yeah...gross! The small of the house during Thanksgiving always sparks fond memories of excitement and joy from childhood knowing the celebration was near.

     And just when you think your used to all the scent triggers life is gonna throw at you--BOOM! You're hit with one that is so unexpected.. you literally might not have recalled the event or even the person had you not have been sparked by this smell. that happened to me and threw me for a bit of a loop. I had a roommate in Maryland and a hair care product I just bought reminded me of this person. It was like something I never expected to smell again and it really caught me off guard. Like, would i have even remembered all the times we shared if I wouldn't have smelled this hair oil?? Weird. The things we don't think about are often what stop us in our tracks and cause us to relive a moment in time that may have slipped past the forefront of our mind.

     It's an amazing feeling to recall some things, but it can also be painful. There are times we leave things unsaid or end them entirely- maybe in ways we would re-do if we had the chance. Painful memories are also worth a revisit every so often also (in my opinion). They're opportunities of growth as long as you don't dwell of what might have been. Whether the memory makes you happy, sad, or even want to throw up- it's worth the journey through time. Remember that life is a gift and the journey is what makes the final destination worth the ride.