Sounds kinda crazy right?!!? Mentally eat well? A lot of people struggle with their relationship to food and eating well. In order to change your body-- you have to start by changing your thoughts. Real talk. I read books (lots of books) as a way to clear my mind and fill it with positivity and inspiration. I did a lot of mental preparation before turning to a plant based diet and it has completely changed my life. 

Family of 3 ...less that $200 and this will last over a week.

People often wonder what vegans eat and think it's super expensive. 
Well, the truth is...fruits, veggies, and whole grains cost a lot less than meat and dairy products. #facts
All this food for 2-3 people for a week and this isn't even everything! You know I gotta have my superfoods shake. #duh Even the cashier at Lucky's Market Tallahassee said 'woah this is a lot of produce'. Haha. 
Mr. Hole-in-One and I are ready for our reset. Who needs the details? Holla at ya girl. This is the face of someone who's happy and I want everyone to feel the same. Join me.

Happy girl :)