The Ultimate Reset

     What is the Ultimate Reset? It's a Beachbody program designed to reclaim your body's natural balance, release unwanted compounds that are holding your system back so that you can detoxify completely, and to restore your digestive system and other internal processes to their maximum efficiency. This complete system overhaul only takes 21 days to complete and is different from other cleanses. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset doesn't just clean your colon and you won't be needing to run off to the bathroom every 5 minutes. No thanks..I mean who would want that?!!?

     There are so many benefits to the Ultimate Reset that go far beyond making sure your colon is clear. I get why having a clean colon is important, but I'd much rather know that I'm cleaning out all of my internal systems and helping ensure that my body is truly healthy from the inside out. It's like hitting the reset button on your body and being rebooted to factory settings. LOL. It's funny to put it like that, but it's the truth. The nutritionists behind this program have put in so much research into making this cleanse the best and I am looking forward to starting. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset will give you more energy, improve digestion, enhance your mood, enable your body to fuction optimally, aid in weight loss, and greatly improve your overall health. Many people experience huge drops in their levels of bad cholesterol. So, to say I'm looking forward to this is actually an understatement.

     Rest assured that the Beachbody Ultimate Reset will not have you starving all day long. You will eat 3 filling, healthy meals each day and their are snack options as well. It's not an abrubt cleanse that will be hard on the body. It is designed to be a gradual shift to gently reset your body's internal settings. And as I said before, it is not laxitive-based. You will NOT be needing the bathroom too often.

     Now onto WHY I'm doing this and what I hope to get out of it once I'm finished. Besides all of the amazing benefits I've already listed-- I want to do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset because it eliminates red mean and dairy right away then takes out all animal products completely by the second week.'s vegan. As some of you may or may not know- I desperately want to be vegan. For ethical, environmental, and health reasons. I have struggled for years fully converting because...I'll be honest...I haven't knocked any recipes out of the park. The problem is that I have yet to actually follow recipes.  Times they are a'changin though.

     I've made the commitment and convinced the hubs and daughter to try the recipes (I'm going to start following to a T). Yay! So once I'm done with this cleanse, I plan on being fully vegan. No going back and having to ignore the part of my humanity that says it's wrong. I WILL NEVER be the kind of person who judges others for their lifestyle so don't expect any of that. I have come across many vegan people who are very hostile and downright negative to people who choose to eat meat. I plan on showing the good side of veganism and hopefully it will inspire some people along the way.

     Throughout my 21 day journey I will be blogging every day. I will be sharing recipes and giving you guys the low down on how my body feels while being reset :) I will be posting a short video each day also. So be sure to check out my YouTube channel or my Facebook page if you're interested in seeing those. Today is May 5, 2016 and I'll be starting the reset on Monday May 9th. The day after Mother's Day and I'll be finished on Memorial Day. COOL! Thanks for reading.

Here are some of the ingredients I need for the first week of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. Phase 1 is coming up soon and I'm looking forward to it!