Do you drink enough water? Are you properly hydrated? For many people, the answer to those questions is no. When you think about the fact that your body is made up of over 60% water it is no question why it is so vital to our system. I encourage everyone to drink more water. Like, a lot more!!! Carry around a gallon of water and finish each day. Yes-- a whole gallon...every sing day. I have gotten into the habit (thanks to the Beachbody Ultimate Reset) of drinking a gallon of distilled water with a quarter teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt mixed in. The reason for adding this specific type of salt is because it contains 84 minerals that the body needs and when the water is distilled, it becomes void of all minerals and heavy metals. This is good on the hand that it takes out all harmful toxins in the water that cannot be removed through other filtration methods; however, it is not good because it also removes all of the beneficial minerals as well. This is why adding the beneficial minerals back through the Himalayan Sea salt is essential.

     Why go through all the trouble? Well, think about all of the things water does for you. It is needed by the brain to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters. It regulates your body temperature through sweating and respiration. Water acts as somewhat of a shock absorber for the brain and the spinal cord. It helps to deliver oxygen throughout the body and ensures all systems are functioning properly, since water is the main component of most body parts. It lubricates joints. Water allows the body's cells to grow, reproduce, and survive.

     I want to talk about and focus on the aspects of water that have to do with digestion. *The reason I didn't write this blog under the topic of 'body' is because our relationship with water and its connection to our body, starts with the way we think. As do many things...but for now, water.* So, most people don't realize that water plays an enormous role in digestion. Did you know that 9 out of 10 people suffer from some form of improper digestion. Things like heart burn, gas, bloating, irregularity, indigestion, constipation and many other things are all symptoms of a digestive system that isn't functioning at its best. Well, water helps form your saliva- which is where digestion starts. Water flushes waste through the body through urine and converts food into the components needed for survival through the process of proper digestion. 

     When to drink water is just as important as how much much to drink and which type. So the proper way to drink is to consume a large glass 15-30 minutes before eating and then to resume drinking as usual 15-30 minutes after finishing your meal. Yup-- that's right! Don't drink while you're eating. It goes against so many people's normal habits involving eating, but when you think about it-- it makes sense. Water dilutes the digestive juices and therefore it prevents your system from working optimally. I know it might take a bit of getting used to, but once you get into the routine of consuming water on a regular basis and a big glass prior to each meal, you'll realize that you no longer feel the need to wash down each bite with a sip of water.

     Think of what a precious commodity water is. It's a valuable resource that too many people go without so always be conscious. Please remember to be grateful and show appreciation for the ability to get enough water and eat well. Your life is a gift and your body is your home. Treat them well. Namaste'. Thanks for taking the time to read this. What's your relationship with water? Do you have any habits that you want to break or improve? Let me know--