Why home school works for our family-

     Each home school situation is as unique to each family and each member of the family. Had you asked me 7 years ago where my life would be, I would never have dreamed I'd be a homeschooling mother with dreams of buying a home on acreage to grow organic fruits, vegetables, grains...I even want chickens and bees. I have an amazing husband who supports our family as well as my dreams. What more could I as for? I feel truly blessed and grateful for my life. None the less, I had not envisioned it this way. In all honesty, I didn't think I'd be able to have a child at all. Doctors told me for 3 reasons I'd be unable to bear children. Bummer. Well, they were wrong. Thank goodness for that.

     Six years ago (next month), I gave birth to my daughter..and to a new me. It all started with a urine-induced line, on a little plastic test and I couldn't believe my eyes! I am ashamed admit, but I was disappointed when I found out I wasn’t having a boy.  I had a feeling this baby would likely be our one and only, so (as a former pre-school teacher) I thought boys were easier. Plus, men always want little boys and I had hoped to be able to give my husband that. Good thing that everything happens for a reason, and our slight feeling of being bummed turned to pure bliss soon enough.

     When I first held my daughter, she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Love at first sight is real. SO REAL! Unconditional love-- for no reason other than it is the purpose of our existence. To love, whole heartedly. My pregnancy was really horrible. I was severely ill for my entire pregnancy. It was a blur of wallowing on the couch with the impending feeling of vomit constantly. I literally couldn't make it more then 15 minutes without being sick from 2 weeks pregnant all the way into the delivery room. 

     While my labor and delivery are all a blur now, the past (nearly) six years even more so. Where did they go? I see them in clips now.. There she is napping in her crib. She just rolled over and took her first steps! The first time she looked around the room for me and said MOM still echo's in my head. Her first tantrum... the first time she got hurt and I realized that between my husband and I, I'm the calm one. ;) The first time she was spanked was more painful for me, but to hear her apologize and that precious hug was medicine for the soul. 

     She seems so grown to me now. Half a mouth full of big-girl teeth. She can read and write. She does math and is beginning multiplication. She's highly gifted in language arts and is learning both Spanish and French. She plays keyboard and does something to ignite her creativity every day. Her main area of interest is videos (at the moment), and she records herself playing my little ponies or lalaloopsy. The scenes she makes and stories she puts on are really very elaborate and I think this might be her passion. For now anyway, and if nothing more, I'm getting some amazing home movies that will be cherished memories forever. 

     Yes, she seems very grown up, but it doesn’t mean she needs me any less. The world may say she's ready for kindergarten, but for us homeschool goes beyond what 'grade' she's in. I've changed a lot over the years. My degrees seem like futile pursuits, but I appreciate the experiences I gained during the time in my life I felt those things mattered. I realized that all of the money in the world, isn't worth her pinky toe! I am able to be here with her every step of the way. I have been able to build a business online that is flexible with both my schedule and my location. With all of the knowledge at the tips of my fingers, I plan on redefining what I think being successful is. Teaching, coaching, working, living and loving every moment of the journey all in the same space with my husband and daughter. That is all I need. That is why, as for me and my household homeschool works perfect.