Being authentic is something I talk about frequently because I truly believe there is such profound sense of freedom that comes from being yourself. Unapologetically. I consider myself lucky to have always had a strong sense of self. As an only child, I've never been afraid to do things by myself. This has taught me to trust my instincts and intuition. That being said, authenticity is NOT something that you either have or you don't. It is a practice. We all know the old saying that practice makes perfect, well- this is no exception.

     Authenticity is a conscious choice in the way we want to live. It encompasses all aspects of your life. Mind, body, & spirit. Being authentic is a collection of choices that we make every day. It's reflected in the way we treat our bodies, animals, other people, our relationships..etc.. It is about the choice to SHOW UP and BE REAL!

     Allowing your true self to be seen leaves you wide open to vulnerability. Embrace it. Be a person of integrity, a person whose word can be trusted. An authentic person is a transparent one. While you should always strive toward being the best version of yourself, you must also embrace the imperfections. Light and dark work in tandem as well as good and evil. We often get caught up in what is good or right...what serves our point of view must be accurate..right?!!? Wrong. This duality in society where one must pick is a side hides us from the truth- which is unity. We are here to understand that interconnectedness is a reality but individuality enriches our experience. Give yourself fully and joyfully to others in whatever capacity you choose. Be present.

     We are all capable of the greatest kindness, compassion and the deepest sense of peace love and joy; however, we can also be vindictive, manipulative, destructive, egotistical, irresponsible, and vengeful. To understand both of these energies is to understand the universe. It can be violent and destructive and times, but ultimately it settles and an environment in which life flourishes is achieved. There is no good or evil...right or wrong press'. It is a balance. Nothing is perfect, but what we can do is to focus our intentions toward what we love and foster our talents with reckless abandon. Doing what ignites passion in your soul is what you're meant to do. Figure out a way to offer that to the world in a way that brings you success. That of course, is determined individually. Never apologize for being yourself, even if it's making waves. The moon does it every night.

     I am able to homeschool my daughter, travel, own a successful fitness business, and get paid to do what I love. Connecting with people and helping them start their journey toward their best self is a gift. Ask me anything. Feel free to contact me on social media or through my contact page. I'm always looking to meet new people interested in making their dreams come true. Hard work, setting goals, working on yourself inside and out every day are essential parts-- oh yeah, and it's so much fun. Coming back to my point about feeling so free when you're able to truly be yourself...this is something I feel so thankful to be able to share with others.