Here is my explanation of crystals and chakras. It is a basic understanding and can be elaborated on, but this was a lot of information I began to be interested in and learn about as I got aquainted with crystals, yoga, and meditation. "Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation. All things have a frequency and a vibration." ~ Nikola Tesla

     The root chakra is first and it's located at the base of your spine, or tailbone. The root chakra belongs to the realm of the physical. If you feel grounded and secure in your life, this chakra doesn't need much attention. Many are not so fortunate and have a blocked root chakra. It may lead you to grasp at the physical, becoming clingy and overly possessive. On the other hand, if your root is too open- you may feel estranged from your body and/or possessions. As a result, your generosity could potentially be taken advantage of.

     The crystal correction for a blocked chakra is opened by obsidian. This gem brings a centered, peaceful perspective. Ultimately the impulse to compulsively acquire things is replaced by an understanding of belongings being temporary. An overly open root needs rose quartz. It's typically associated with the heart, but this soft pink quartz allows us to accept and love ourselves- so we can protect ourselves by saying NO when necessary.


Rose Quartz

     The sacral chakra is second and controls our sexual energy and creativity. It's located two inches below your navel. A balanced sacral chakra is expressiveness and flair. What a gift, right?! A blockage may result in resistance to change- especially new ideas. A sacral chakra that's too open is evident in the "drama queen" as well as in all reckless behavior: from bed-hopping to dangerous driving. Yikes!

     The crystal correction is carnelian. This variety of quartz is beautiful for opening the sacral area. It can be found in many colors, but the stimulating qualities of red or orange give courage to the timid. This helps us to pursue our dreams, without fear-based illusions getting in our way. If this chakra is too open, you may require lapis lazuli. This light blue stone was highly valued in ancient Egypt and Babylon while today, we can use its moderating properties to help us act with care. 


Lapis Lazuli

      The third chakra is your solar plexus, and is also known also as the power center. Here, a reservoir of untapped will and extraordinary heroism resides. As a healthy chakra, we understand our potential and are motivated to explore it, but when it's blocked we suffer stomach issues. A blocked power center makes us act and feel powerless, while the opposite problem happens when this energy-center is too broad.

     The crystal correction is Golden Beryl. It's a light, lemon yellow stone that directs will and is known to improve confidence. It's perfect for third chakra blockages. For people overwhelmed by this chakra, green jade is in order. This soothing stones energy helps channel our passions gently, and reduces negative impulses towards others.

Golden Beryl

Green Jade

     The fourth is the heart chakra and its place is self-explanatory. The heart. This is the divine area of spiritual growth, love, resilience and ones higher ideals. A congested, or blocked, heart chakra makes us overly critical of others and ourselves. This is harmful because in this condition, we find it difficult to open ourselves to possibilities for love and friendship. On the other hand, if our heart is too big, we may attempt to do the impossible, trying to carry the weight of the world.

     The crystal correction is green jasper- placed upon the heart. This helps us feel secure enough to open up and reveal our true selves. This facilitates honest and joyful communication. For a heart with no bounds try peridot. This pale, pastel green stone recharges us by calming us down. Peridot allows us to be sympathetic but not sacrificial which is important for those with a heart chakra too open.

Green Jasper


     The throat chakra is fifth, and helps us communicate both through words and physical body language. Located at the base of the throat, when this chakra is balanced, we speak honestly and confidently. If we are blocked here, our deceit is subtle. For example, we may leave out information. Alternately, if this chakra is enlarged we talk too much and without forethought. 

     The crystal correction is Sodalite. It's a gorgeous navy stone that helps with a constricted throat chakra. This crystal gives us courage and clarity. On the other hand, those with an expansive fifth chakra need to speak more quietly. In this capacity, amber is helpful. This stone is intensely soulful. 



     The sixth chakra many know this energy center, and it's located between the brows. Called the 3rd eye. If in balance, this chakra gives us the ability to see beyond appearances, revealing our innate psychic potential. When the 3rd eye is blocked, however, we limit ourselves. This leads to rigid thinking and interrupted joy. On the other hand, if we are too open here we may be disconnected from the physical world. Balance is key. As we dream, we also must wake right?!!?

     The crystal correction is one of my personal favorites, moonstone. Placed on the sixth chakra, moonstone can clear the issues that blind our intuition, and open the mind to a realm of the unseen. Because moonstone is related to cycles of change, it invites personal growth. Welcome this change. This helps us tune into flow, welcoming spontaneity and releasing our egocentric rigidity. With an unnecessarily open 3rd eye, blue lace agate is needed. This pretty, sky-blue stone sharpens our focus, clearing out the clutter of psychic distraction.


Blue Lace Agate

     The final seventh chakra- Wow! Words are not enough to express the capacity of the crown chakra.. and we all know I love words! Situated at top-center of your head, the crown chakra presents the possibility of enlightenment. Balancing it won't make us a Buddha, but it will surely carry us to peaks of spiritual ecstasy. There's potential here to connect us with our life's purpose. If you're blocked here, you're far from alone. A healthy crown chakra is rare. When blocked, we may be confused about our career and lack a lasting sense of peace. For maximum results at balancing this chakra, we must first ensure the wellbeing of our previous chakras. Having this chakra too open is rarely a problem, unless you dislike joy and harmony. Yet, we live among the disenchanted so it is a possibility. We must be able to communicate with both the cynic and the sorrowful. Otherwise we are trapped in our own mind. As safe as this place is, it can get pretty lonely. 

     The crystal correction is clear quartz. It's a is a trusted healer for all chakras, but it particularly useful in opening the closed crown. Due to this chakras location, the crystal selected should be small enough to rest on the top of your head. This stone provides clarity of purpose. It also allows us to see the broader meaning in everyday events. In doing so, it guides us to understand and live in sync with universal truths. For those with an overly open crown chakra, hematite is healing. It is also grounding. By drawing attention to the practical realities of existence, this dark and powerful stone will help us meet our own and others earthly needs.

Clear Quartz


     I hope this information serves you as a foundation of each chakra and the crystals needed to keep them in balance. Namaste'.