COLORING IS COOL coloring is cool, but why do I consider it part of ones spiritual health? I have always enjoyed coloring as a person who's pretty creative, but the thing about it- is it connects all of us to the simpler time when we were all creative. When we were children. As a child, we were happy to express ourselves using color without thinking of how it would turn out in the end or if the colors matched or 'went' together. We just let that creative energy flow..we did this until somewhere along the way someone said you weren't creative or 'naturally talented' in artistic expression. Or perhaps you heard how talented and amazing you were and as a result learned to value creativity. It's often the simple difference between a person who stays true to their passion and the person who quits or gives up on dance, art, sports, drama, choir, making model planes, fashion design dreams, yo-yo, magic tricks...etc..

     Why don't we put as much value in creative energy as we do toward logical energy?!!? We need both to switch from a competitive society to a cooperative one. So is coloring going to change that? Maybe. Perhaps it's a tool we can use to remind us of the importance of including both forms of energy and activity into our lives. But how?

     I talk about meditating a lot, but for many people they just don't know how. How to let their mind go blank and be in a relaxed state. This trance like bliss connects you will the universal abundance. Many people have found that coloring (especially mandalas), can produce very similar experiences. Your brain waves become very much like those of a person in meditation. It is the relaxed state of mind that produces bliss. Told ya-- t's cool.

     I love to color mandalas, but there are so many coloring books. I see them everywhere now and recently heard that they are the top 6/10 sellers on amazon. I absolutely love that this is becoming a popular habit for people. It means people are relaxing, being creative, and enjoying therapeutic energy similar to meditation. Also, when I say you can find them from super simple, to funny, to swear word, or for stoners, or star wars, garden lovers, you name it-- I'm sure it's out there :)

     Do you color? Are you willing to try?