Reading & Writing

When you read and/or write, it opens you up to yourself. Give it a try.

I love to read. It's literally life changing. Ever since I was young, my choice of reading was books with a purpose. The self help section was where you'd find me.
Now I call it personal development! I learn more about myself with every book I read.
✅Missing something in your life?
✅Struggling with anxiety?
✅Relationship issues?
✅Communication trouble?
It helps.
What about writing?
Yup. I love that too.
✅I journal about my thoughts and feelings.
✅I write down things I'm grateful for in my life.
✅I draw.
✅I take notes on the books I read.
Yeah, I'm serious.
But I look at it like this. I'll always be a work in progress. I plan on growing and learning for my whole life.
It keeps things in perspective for me.
I'll never be too rigid in my way of thinking that I'll refuse to see things another way and change my mind.
When you know better- you do better.
What do you do each day to make yourself into the person you want to be?
Ask me anything.