Have you ever heard of smudging? It is the burning of herbs or incense for cleansing, purification, and protection. This technique effects both the physical and spiritual body. It also banishes negative energy and creates a sacred space. Many people still utilize the age-old tribal tradition today, and for good reason.

     It's an ancient tradition across the globe in many native tribes. It was often a ritual performed by a Shaman. It is a centuries old tradition and in its most basic description it is used to create harmony and peace. There are many different shamanic smudging ceremonies. As such there are different herbs used in each ritual.

     Smudge sticks are herbs tied into a bundle and are most often made with sage or cedar. The smoke is burned and allowed to fill the room. Pay special attention to corners and circulate the air with a feather to get the smoke to reach everywhere. I love to have the windows open when and smudge the house each season as the change of air circulates the house too. I also smudge furniture I pick up on the side of the road or at thrift stores before I fix them up. I always use smoke along with either natural sun or moon light, to cleanse my crystals as well. 

     Smudging can be used when ever and where ever you feel necessary. Smudging isn't just for places or things-- it's for people too. I like to do it before a deep meditation. It should be done after spending time with someone very ill or even after being around negative people. Remember, it's purpose is to bring harmony and peace....so, go SMUDGE YOURSELF!