This post has a lot to do with your body, but I chose to put it in the spirit category because with some fine tuning of ourselves- I believe the body is capable of healing itself. The actions of consciously connecting your emotional state to its physical effects could bring an awareness of your spiritual self that can then guide the body into alignment.

     I believe that people operate from either a state of consciousness or unconsciousness. How many people just go through the motions without living in any of the moments?!!? We rarely realize weather or not our actions, or even our thoughts are coming from a place of fear or love. Many people think that hate is the opposite of love, but I truly believe it's fear. Fear is what holds people back-- it keeps them from living whole heartedly.

     Fear and love are the only two feelings from which people base themselves upon and our emotions are the deciding factors. I often think that there's a bunch of confusion on the difference in feelings and emotions. To me, our feelings are what comes from the heart and is directly connected to our level of awareness and consciousness. Our emotions, on the other hand, is everything else. Happiness, peace, excitement, resentment, anger, anxiety...etc. Even the words themselves confer up emotions. Our emotions determine where were come from as far as our feeling toward ourselves, others, the worlds as a whole is concerned.

     Here are some emotions and how they can impact your body:

  1. Anger weakens your liver. Next time your mad- dig deeper and ask yourself what is it about yourself that finds the situation so intolerable. Or ask yourself if it is worth the harm to yourself to even extend the energy of being angry. If you dies it worth the fuss?
  2. Grief weakens your lungs. Sometimes people get sad and it's perfectly natural and healthy. What isn't healthy is wallowing in misery or not forcing yourself to keep on going. Depression is a silent killer and anything you can do to boost endorphins and get that happy juice a gift!
  3. Worrying weakens your stomach. This is a leading cause in an improper diet as well. Eating a lot of the wrong food is obviously going to take it's toll on your tummy.
  4. Stress weakens your brain...and your heart. In this hustle and bustle life most of us lead- we have to learn to take time and destress ourselves. We all know that yoga and meditational my things :)
  5. Fear weakens your kidneys. I believe that fear weakens all of your internal organs because they aren't in harmony when a person operates from a feeling of fear.
  6. Laughter reduces stress.
  7. Smiling automatically released serotonin and dopamine increasing your happiness...and guess what- it spreads to others. Do it often :)
  8. Love bring peace and harmony in ones life. Give it freely and be open to receiving it the same way. It strengthens your mind, body, & spirit.