How does what we eat effect our consciousness

     For millions of people around the world, food has become the subject of much confusion and conflict. What?...FOOD?!!? There are people who suffer from eating disorders, weight-loss dramas constantly, addictions, cravings, body-image obsession and among all the chaos there's always a heated debate on which way of eating is 'best'. The world today has most people out of touch with the spiritual connection to food. We rarely think of what's on our plate as nourishment. Instead we eat fast, wash it down with soft drinks, and don't get enough physical activity.

     Some people say that food is fuel, and on a certain level I agree, but ultimately- our bodies are not machines. We're animals and our connection to our food should very much be a spiritual one. Through awareness of our body/spirit relationship we can begin to better understand what nutrients we need. No matter how much you work on your body or on yourself spiritually- your diet will always be the deciding factor in the way you feel.

     A diet high and fat and chemical-laden ingredient can make even the lightest spirit feel heavy. The opposite is also true and certain types of meals can greatly improve someone's spirit, mind, and heart. The spiritual connection to food has been missing for too long, but more and more people are re-learning the importance of growing your own organic produce. ***I hope to grow everything a vegan family needs on a few acres when we get a house.***

     Food is the dynamic force which interacts with humans on a physical body level. The very intelligence of the human system to turn what ever is ingested into ones self is the same intelligence that is abundant in the universe. Ask yourself a few questions that will help you get to the root of your relationship with food. Start by thinking about what good nutrition means to you and what the purpose of having proper nutrition is to you.

     There are four aspects of food: biological, psychological, spiritual, and social. As you begin to identify your relationship with each aspect of food, your mental clarity becomes more acute. I am not the kind of person who will judge you for believing something different than myself. Please show me the same kindness. (in other words, don't write a comment about how disagree and go on to explain how 'right' your way is. lol. no thanks) I have personally chosen a vegan lifestyle for a variety of reasons:

  1. First and foremost, I believe animals have feelings. To inflict pain and suffering on any creature is wrong in my belief. The subjugation of any soul goes against your own souls enlightenment. If you don't think animals feel pain or get absolutely terrified by their imminent death, then I encourage you to watch any documentary on the slaughter of animals. There are a lot of vegan documentaries that show the cruelty and highlight the deplorable conditions to offer a better understanding of the major impact it has on the world.
  2. My second reason is such a close runner up. These 2 reasons are my main heartaches and I wish people understood the implications of environmental factors. If you don't believe animals you eat have the same feelings as the one you pet and let lay at your feet-- ok fine. I can't understand that, but no judgement. There is no way to deny the huge environmental issues. The United Nations has released an over 400 page document outlining the NEED for vegan diets to be the way we eat. The toxic waste produced from livestock is far more than every car on the planet combined. The annual stats are staggering and recommend looking them up. The water used per pound of meat is an outrage. We do not have food and water shortages on this planet. We have a disproportunate distribution of resources and a misguided idea of health.
  3. My third reason, making my trifecta for being vegan complete, is...HEALTH! You might have guessed. lol. A vegan diet is rich in fiber which will help you feel full and prevent cravings for junk. There are so many more vitamins and minerals in a vegan diet as well. Vegan diets decrease blood cholesterol due to the fact that most vegan food are very low in cholesterol levels. Regularity is perfect and working exactly as it should be. Most people suffer from mild to severe digestion problems. A normalized body weight is also something most vegan people report. There aren't sugar spikes or ups and down with weight issues as a result and many vegan people report the need for a doctor or prescription medications.

     Well- there you have reasons for becoming vegan. Like I said before, no judgement to those of you who have a different lifestyle than my own. Live and let live-- it's kinda my motto now ;) I think a connection with our food on a deeper level will inspire more and more people to live and eat a plant-based lifestyle.  Let me know if you have any questions or want to share your own story. I'd love to hear how you're rocking your journey of being the best version of yourself.