Have you ever stopped to reflect on your life at some point, only to realize that it’s passing you by without you even noticing? A lot of times we get so entrenched in our roles as husband/wife, friends, siblings, caretakers, and professionals that we don’t stop to think of our lives independently of these roles. Who are you (without a label)? We put labels on everything day in and day out, and may not even realize it until some life-changing event occurs.

     The past 7.5 years have been amazing and crazy at the same time. My life changed dramatically when I met Chris, the love of my life. We got engaged pretty quickly into our relationship and shortly after that found out we were expecting! Total shock to me because I didn't think I could have children. I had a complicated pregnancy and was ill the entire time. So my career and essentially my whole life, got put on hold. I was fortunate enough to continue school online after the birth of our daughter; however, I lost my passion for fitness, teaching and creativity.

     I think many of us get caught up in just getting through the day, week, month, and year with how much is going on in our lives. With some people it’s managing family schedules, and with others it’s taking care of a loved one. For me, it was just managing constant change. I felt like if I were to start a project it would just be one more thing on my plate. I didn’t do any arts and crafts for myself, I didn’t pursue music or take additional language courses, etc. I don’t regret it, because it gave me a chance to expand and open my mind to new ideals and perspectives. It’s in the past. Now, I'm moving forward and getting back on track with what I love most.

     I decided that since we are feeling settled in our new town and jobs, that I’d nurture myself more. I’m blogging again, doing arts and crafts, meditating, doing yoga, doing gratitude journals (haven't done one of these since high-school and i'm excited). I feel so alive! I’m back to a fitness routine and I'm planning on doing another 5k! I hope I can get Chris to join this time...we'll see. It’s hard to believe that I put so much on hold. I hope I don’t get to the point where I do this again, but at least I have this all as a learning experience, so if it does happen again I’ll be better prepared.

     Has this happened to you? What can you do for yourself to feel alive again? What can you do in the midst of your hectic life to stay on track with what you love most?

  • Recognize that it’s happening.
  • Identify what it is you want to do, what you want out of life (BE SPECIFIC)
  • Figure out how to get/do it. Create an action plan.
  • Going for it/doing it! Implement your action steps and achieve the goals you've set.
  • Savor & ENJOY it!

Are you ready to change your life and rediscover yourself? I am! Always.