I read a book called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra and it profoundly changed the way I view myself and my relationship with others. I am going to share the basic laws and go into a very brief explanation with you. If this is something that peeks your interest even slightly- I highly recommend reading the whole book. If this resonates deeply with you- then you'll get more from this book than I can describe personally. It is honestly one of those things you read, and are changed forever by it.

  1.  LAW OF PURE POTENTIALITY - If you have a desire, you have the ability to manifest that desire. Manifestation is a very powerful technique used to align ones self with the universal energy of abundance. This relationship makes the idea of manifesting what seems impossible an easy practice.
  2.  LAW OF GIVING - If you want joy, you must create joy for others. If you want love, give love freely. This law teaches us to give fully the things we we want in return. Many successful people feel this incredible urge to give is this gift that keeps you rewarded the same.
  3.  LAW OF KARMA - This law represents the idea of reaping what one sows. This is a lovely reminder to plant good seeds. *organic, non GMO ;)
  4.  LAW OF LEAST EFFORT - Things work naturally with minimal effort if all is in proper alignment. Grass doesn't try to grow and fish don't try to swim...they just do. Naturally. When one practices acceptance and responsibility a defenselessness an eased state of being is achieved.
  5.  LAW OF INTENTION AND DESIRE - When ones intention is pointed and focused and their attention is fixated on their goal the universe responds to this unbending will with directed purpose. If you desire something bad enough and have a vision for achieving the goal- it will happen. It has to.
  6.  LAW OF DETACHMENT - In order to acquire anything, you must first relinquish your attachment to it. This is perhaps my favorite because it is the most challenging.
  7.  LAW OF 'DHARMA' - Everyone has a purpose in life. We all have a unique gift or special talent to offer.