They say having a child changes you forever and IT DOES! In such unexpected ways. Parenthood is choosing to put someone's happiness before your own. When the well-being of someone becomes so precious that the thought of them experiencing pain can bring you to your knees- you're a parent. We teach hard lessons and do the best we can everyday to show them what's right. We wonder if what we do is it right? We teach children the importance of kindness and love but we must remember to lead by example bc little eyes see more than little ears hear. We forgive ourselves for making mistakes bc we know we're not perfect. Being a parent teaches you the meaning of unconditional love and makes you appreciate your own parents in a new way. LIFE IS A GIFT- be present for it. I feel privileged to be a parent...all the hard work and struggles are worth the love and cuddles. Happy 6th Birthday baby girl, mommy and daddy love you.