You will need a cork board or poster board, push pins or glue, words and/or pictures to clearly represent your intentions, markers, colorful paper. You may also choose to use sage, incense, singing bowls, and crystals. Ask yourself why-- why you're making this vision board. What do you want out of life?

Don't be afraid dig deep with this and dream big!!!

     What are your goals? The bigger and more specific- the better!  What exactly is a good life in your opinion? What are you passionate about? What would you love to do with your free time? Where would you like to travel? Do you have a bucket list of things you hope to accomplish in your life? What do you want to learn how to do? What are you good at, but would like to be better? What are your hobbies? What are your financial goals? What are your goals for your relationships? Not only with a significant other, but your family and friends as well. What are things you'd love to do to become closer with the people you love? How do you hope other people remember you? What inspires you? What makes you wonder?

     With my intentions rooted on my, now much clearer, vision. I sage the room. I do this pretty often anyway, but before creating something so focused- I like to begin with a space clarified of negativity and aligned harmoniously with my vision. The universe conspires with those who follow their true passions and lead their lives with the intent to fulfill their dreams. I run water over river rocks and crystals rest in the fountain as well as various spots on the cork board and around the room. I also use my Tibetan singing bowls.

     I chose to arrange the board in a nine panel grid according to the modern feng shui bagua. I have a natural talent for arranging spaces in a way to allow energy to flow well. I have a basic understanding of feng shui and really love it. I have begun to practice more and more into the many aspects of this ancient art. I prefer the classical method, but for a square or rectangular object that's flat-- the modern bagua is best suited. The way you arrange your board is completely up to you; however, I do this to keep my intentions very specific. I suggest doing a small amount f research on this topic and you'll quickly learn that each of the nine centers relate to an area of life, career, love/relationships, wealth...etc.. They also relate to elements, seasons and shapes. All of this is taken into account when I arrange my paper colors and where I place each affirmation on the board. In the area that relates to children and creativity is where I have all of my homeschool affirmations, for example. I have exactly how much I want to make annually in my wealth section. I have a life mission so personal, that I cried thinking of it. I happened to have traditional Incense that were nearly empty and I cut up the hexagonal boxes they were in and used the symbols and elements behind a lot of the squares. See pics ;) 

     I admittedly thought it would take me an afternoon to do this. It took a week. LOL. Yes, a whole week. One can only spend so many hours per day cutting and arranging paper and words..oh and coloring and gluing and taping too. I wrote a few short affirmations on the edge of the cork board and I recite them out loud multiple times each day. 

     Some people make board with positive things they want to focus on and negative things they want to get rid of. I don't choose this method because I don't think many people need a reminder of the negativity in their face. I choose to focus on things that are very positive. The only way to get what you want is by believing you deserve it. 

     Once the papers and background was done I let crystals sit on the board overnight. I used crystals corresponding to the elements and intention os each section of the bag. I loved the way it looked like this. I just kept smiling and smiling. Each time I dedicated to this for that week, I felt very connected and joyful with the experience. That it what I would encourage each of you to focus on also. Your feeling. I believe the quality of your life is a reflection of where you lice emotionally and shifting your mindset into a more positive space is the first step in changing your life,. 

     The pictures below are pretty much the completed version. I hung it on the wall- where I see it the most throughout my day. I also added some hanging items. Some seen to the left in the big picture. I strongly recommend creating a vision board. They are not only fun, but can be a powerful way to manifest your vision. I have made a few and each one becomes more detailed and creative, so just glue pictures from magazines or the internet that align with your goals and place them wherever and however you like. The most important part is to feel happy when you look at it and that evokes a passionate feeling that is going to inspire you to do something everyday that's going to help align your vision with opportunities in your life. It's all about allowing the abundance of the universe to flow through you. Wear your passion with pride... authenticity is magnetic. Be you-- whole heartedly and unapologetically. The world needs more creative and inspirational people. Be awesome.