Spirit Animals

     What is your spirit animal? Do you know?? It is something that many native and indigenous people have understood as part of our connection to nature. It is an animal who is there to guide you throughout your life. There are other animal guides that can come and go as messengers or to offer help through a tough time in your life. They are to be respected and appreciated so that you may honor their wisdom and use their lessons to improve your quality and understanding of life.

     I am in no way an expert in this area; however, I do believe that I'm getting closer and closer to realizing what my own spirit animal is. I have always loved dolphins and said that in a next life (if that's a reality) I'd like to be one. I am absolutely terrified of the ocean tho...so it seems like a water animal probably isn't directly linked to my spirit this time around. LOL :) Ya never know...so I kept an open mind as I began to learn more about how to discover your spirit animal. They can also be called animal guides or totem animals as well.

     I have learned that my astrological sign is one connected to the air symbol. I have began to realize the connection I've always had with the wind, air, sky and pretty much just looking up from my perspective as a land animal and admiring the sky. So yeah....air animals speak to my soul. *ding-ding-ding* Getting closer. I also have a strong connection to the idea of land animals. being one with Earth so...hmmmm. It can be a little confusing when you're just trying to think about it in order to figure it out.

     The results and real progress is made through meditating. I use sage leaves and bless my area first. I say the intentions of finding and understanding and deeply connecting with my spirit animal. Then I sit to meditate and focus on calling someone to me...or inviting them to come be with me, rather. So this is a pretty awesome technique and I've started to really love it! This is something you'll need a little bit of practice with. Get comfortable with meditating before you try this as well or you might end up disappointed and feeling like it 'won't work for you'. It will. All things take some practice so, be patient.

     During my meditations I've seen an eagle and a wolf. I've seen other animals I think but nothing stands out afterward accept these two animals. I have always seen the eagle...now that I've been thinking about it more and more over this past month. I always see an eagle flying in the sky. It's usually sunset but sometimes sunrise too. It's not a bald eagle either...I never notice a white head. Seems more brown or red. Very majestic and I never feel scared or anything. So I think this is my spirit animal. It was a little surprising to me honestly. I would have never thought I'd have a bird of prey as my spirit animal. I am not certain yet that it is, but it's looking liek it might be.

     I also see a wolf pretty frequently. i haven't always seen the wolf though, which is why I think the eagle might be my actual animal spirit. Also, because I'm an air sign too. I'll see the wolf howling at the moon usually and I LOVE THE MOON so I always feel very connected to it and in the moment. I am a little confused as to which one is my spirit animal, but I plan on meditating every day until I figure it out. I'll let ya know once I figure it out.

     Do you know your spirit animal? Were you surprised by it....and how did you discover it?